As Seen Through My Specs
Author: J.M. Madden Genre: , , ,

J.M. Madden has recently come on to my radar with her Lost and Found Series, this title, one of her current releases is a wonderful, deeply moving story about two broken people who find each other and end up needing to work together to help someone in desperate need of some guardian angels.

Matt Calvin has been watching Gina Carruthers once a month, slowly falling in love, but feeling unworthy, he’s a bit of a giant, he’s inky, clutzy, he has things in his life that make him feel unworthy of even the smallest things in life, friendship, acceptance.

Gina has seen Matt too, and on the day he finally gets up the courage to talk to her he startles her, knocks her over and she breaks her arm.  He blames himself and sets about nursing her back to health, and their quiet slow build begins.  He knows it can never be more, he doesn’t deserve anything good and nice in his life, no matter what she says to him, how she feels about him.

He takes care of her in so many different ways, making household repairs, small kindnesses, and banding together to help her when trouble arises for the sweet, but neglected boy next door… will these things be enough to get over both of their insecurities and bring them closer together?  This sweet, deep, loving story will keep you with it to the very end.

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