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So yesterday was the Boston Author Event at the Omni, I went to see some friends, meet fellow book lovers, buy some books and meet some kick-ass authors.  After 90 minutes outside in the windy shadow of the Omni, I signed in, made my blogger tag, bought a book or two and decided to dive into the mayhem that was the Kennedy room at the Omni, lots and lots of book lovers hoping to meet authors they love, and authors wanting to show some love to their loyal readers, it was a great vibe.

I got to speak with all but one person I’d wanted to, and that was only due to my stupidity in not re-checking the map before I left the room, I’m still seriously kicking myself for not stopping at Karinna Halle’s table… seriously, Sins & Needles is a kick ass book I (like I’m sure everyone who was not an idiot and stopped at her table) wanted to tell her how much I truly enjoyed the book.  I will now be obsessive at every future event making sure I miss no one I need to see.

I did stop and talk to, buy books from, ask to sign my Kindle, handed out that cute little card to the following authors: C. J. Roberts, Colleen Hoover, Denise Grover Swank, Georgia Cates, K.A. Linde, Katie Ashley, Maggi Meyers, Jessica Park, Andrea Randall, Rebecca Donovan, R.L Matthewson, S.C Stephens, Tara Sivec, Tarryn Fisher, and Tina Reber.  Also Michelle Pace, who was not a featured author, but who wrote Fury, and has a new book coming out April 1, that we can’t wait to share with you, she shared it with me this morning and as soon as I get through the other 10 reviews for my BAE event that’ll be next, maybe even with a contest… because we’re trying to do those now, show some love to my readers and all, since you’re all awesome… and stuff…

15  really wonderful interactions, and then some.   I will say my three biggest fan-girl gushes were RL Matthewson, Georgia Cates and Katie Ashley.  All of these ladies could not have been any nicer, it was a long day, a warm room and a LOT of books to sign, and each one was kind, signed whatever we plopped down in front of them, and had a personal conversation with everyone in line.  There was a sweet young girl in front of me, who one-clicked a book by Tara Sivic after we had stopped to talk to her and I rambled on and on and on about how fucking funny Seduction and Snacks is, seriously it is, and if you don’t own it go buy it now… and then come back and finish reading this post.

This was the first year for this event, so as you imagine there were some glitches and I understand that there was a decent size group that didn’t get in due to time constraints.  The staff running and working this event did an amazing job, and the volunteers kept people moving along, and kept the crowd as controlled as you can, what with us all being a bunch of book crazed ladies (and a fella or two) set loose on our favorite authors.

I’m hopeful they will host something similar next year, but in a bigger venue with lots and lots more authors, and maybe not on the biggest holiday weekend of the year as far as Boston is concerned (seriously trying to get out of Boston, sitting in a train station with a thousand drunk people while your train has been cancelled due to a train collision in New Haven is so NOT fun).  I will wear much more comfortable shoes and bring a rolling bag, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be crooked for a few days.

I’ve got lots and lots of pretty new signed books for the shelf, an amazing dinner with some even more amazing friends from my book group, and THE most delicious pear martini with some fellow bloggers, then I crashed out by 10, smacked with a migraine but surrounded by a cloud of literary love.  This morning I went to a brunch with one of the authors and met some really awesome gals, Sue, Mui…and I am so, SO sorry I can’t remember the other two names… please forgive me, and thank you for letting me be part of your group and conversation this morning, and to all the other awesome ladies I met there as well.

I highly suggest that, if you can make it happen, you attend an author signing, it was a day I won’t soon forget and some wonderful contacts and maybe even some new friends were made.

Keep tuned for the next two weeks for more reviews by the awesome wordsmiths listed above, I’ll keep reading if you keep writing ladies!


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    Had a blast Melanie as well! Thanks for recounting your experience !!

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