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nametagThis weekend the Boston Authors Event is happening, and I’m excited for a ton of reasons, great authors, signed copies of books, meeting up with some of my FB book group friends… martinis… you know the simple things in life.

In preparation for the BAE, I wanted to read at least one book from each author going, who writes in a genre I enjoy, sorry shifters and paranormal stuff, but you just aren’t my cup of wolfsbane.

So as I read these books this week, I’ve got quite a few, we’ll be posting reviews from some of the featured authors and linking back to some we may have already reviewed.

Up first is Hopeless by Colleen Hoover.  Then we’ve got books from Tara Sivec, Katie Ashley, CJ Roberts, Andrea Randall, Georgia Cates, RL Matthewson, Tina Reber, Tarryn Fisher, Raine Miller… and the list goes on.  We’ll be highlighting these authors over the next two weeks, because even though I’m a fast reader there’s no chance in hell I’m going to finish everything on my TBR for this event.

Looking forward to seeing folks this weekend, BAE has been awesome and has set up a table for bloggers to register and get name tags, so if you’re a regular reader, or a new reader, or you like my glasses, look for me and be sure to say hi!  I’ll be the redhead, wearing glasses, and carrying a huge tote bag full of awesome!

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