As Seen Through My Specs

With so many books and so little time some of my good pals from my book group have kindly volunteered to review some stories, right now we’ve got a review of Reaper’s Property written by Joanna Wilde and reviewed by Amy Bustard. We’ve also got a review of Metamorphosis written by Erin Noelle and reviewed by Jeanette Benoit.

Coming up shortly we’ll also have a review of the Winemaker’s series by Cara Gadero as well as a yet to be named book by Deb Hart. Many hands make for light work, and I’m glad to share new points of view with my readers. Especially since I can be a cranky, bitchy series whore who has not completely embraced the new adult fiction like some have, even though for some reason I have a secret YA addiction.

I’m always open to requests for reviews from authors and suggestions for books to review from my readers, please feel free to leave a comment, question or suggestion. Also, if you haven’t already taken the chance go and like us on Facebook (link to the right), to be entered into our drawing for a $25 gift card to the e-book seller of your choice.

Thanks for the love and the momentum, let’s keep it going!

I’ll be posting at least two reviews this week as well as guest reviewing over at Three Chicks, so check back soon!

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