As Seen Through My Specs

I had full intended to post the review of the 7th book in the Sullivan series earlier this week to round out my part in the Bella Andre blog-take-over.  But alas, I’ve been in migraine hell for most of the week.  Later this morning I’m getting some Botox, apparently it prevents chronic intractable migraine, let’s all keep our fingers crossed shall we?

Hop on over to the book shelf for the final review in the tour, and then come back again in early March when the new book, Always On My Mind, available for pre-order at your favorite e-book retailer and set to be released on March 5!

Thanks to Bella, Novel Publicity and everyone who joined us for the blog event.  It was a great way to kick off the new site format and hopefully bring in some new readers who want to hang around.

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