As Seen Through My Specs

In 2012 I read 396 book, that’s right kids, nearly 400 books, about half were Novella length and more than half were freebies from Amazon, or one-clicked on days when authors were running $.99 sales, and a couple were reviewer copies.  I spent a lot of time organizing the books I read and then trying to decide where on the chart they should rank.

You will notice that some of the items on the list are an entire series, I love series so much it’s hard for me to pick one, kinda like picking your favorite child, lucky for Becca she’s the only one.  For those on the list which a series I’ve indicated my favorite of the bunch.

1. Ten Tiny Breaths-KA Tucker
            This was really hard, #1 and #2 on this list flipped back and forth a dozen times.
2. Wallbanger- Alice Clayton
             Hands down the funniest romance I have ever read, bar none, if you don’t own it what the hell         is wrong with you?  Seriously, run to Amazon/B&N/Kobo/Etc. and buy it, immediately, and don’t come back until you’ve finished reading it.
3. Rescue Me Series (Best of the bunch #4)- Kallypso Masters
             Savi and Damian’s story was the most heart wrenching of the bunch, also Kally Maters is awesome.
4. Second Chances-Lauren Dane
             A BDSM tearjerker, not two phrases you’d normally put together
5. The Reluctant Dom- Tymber Dalton
              See above comment and read this with two boxes of tissues
6. Sullivan Series (Best of the bunch #3)- Bella Andre
              Sophie and Gabe’s story was my favorite
7. Club Shadowlands Series (Best of the Bunch #6)- Cherise Sinclair
8. Doms of Darkhaven 1&2- Cherise Sinclair, et al
9. Beautiful Disaster- Jamie McGuire
10. The Dark Garden- Eden Bradley
11. Ross Sibling Series (I can’t pick a best of the bunch they are all amazing)-Cherrie Lynn
12. The Opportunist- Tarryn Fisher
13. Fortune- Annabel Joseph
14. Crossfire Series 1&2- Sylvia Day
15. Where I Need to Be- Kimberly Knight
16. The Boat Builder’s Bed- Kris Pearson
17. Tart- Lauren Dane
18. Pandemonium/Delirium- Lauren Olliver
19. Masked Series- Lissa Matthews
20. Neighbor From Hell Series 1-3- R. L. Matthewson
21. Safe With Me- Shaina Richmond
22. Divergent- Veronica Roth
23. The Mighty Storm- Samantha Towle
24. Honor Series 1-3- Teresa Mummert
25. This Man- Jodi Ellen Malpas

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