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Starting in late January we’ll have some more interactive stuff for readers here at As Seen Through My Specs, we’ll be doing some give-aways and I’ll be working to reach out to try and get some guest posters and hopefully even some intervies.

More info will follow, so for you regular readers keep your eyes here, and for your irregular readers, try some prune juice and then come back and keep your eyes on the site for more news.

Tomorrow a review… honest… unless the Mayans got the date wrong and the world does end, or I get too wrapped up in cleaning my bedroom before Christmas company comes.  My closet looks like it should be under a haz-mat tent and I have 6 baskets of clean laundry to put away.

I’ve read a ton of stuff lately, having a hard time deciding what to review.

Also, how is it that my mother in law had no idea I’d written a book and was writing another?  Even my own mom knows and I hardly tell her anything… or at least she doesn’t generally remember what I tell her… it’s a 50/50 thing.

While you wait for a new review visit Pinterest, which I did last night and fell in love with about 100 different bookcases, my office/library will not have room for that many so I need to whittle that down.  You could also go look up Alex Minsky, wounded warrior, funny guy and all around hottie, and ladies, he’s single.  Found him through the Kally Masters Rescue Me group.  Seriously, someone needs to get him on Ellen, or the cover of Men’s Fitness, or something, he’s a great example of courage and pushing through to the other side and life after service, although as a Marine he’ll always be a Marine and never a former Marine.  I don’t know, it’s their thing… you never retire, Semper Fi.

It’s Christmas this week (we just finished Hanukkah, and then there was also Diwali this month), what will you be buying with your Amazon/B&N;/Kobo gift cards?  Not that I need any more books, because the TBR list is long already but I’m always interested in what’s out there.  Plus if *I* get a gift card I might need advice on what to buy.

Leave a comment with what you’re reading or REALLY want to read and who knows, maybe this will be the time I start with the give-aways.  That will require organizing myself, but since this week and a half off from work is all about writing, blogging, reading and setting up my author stuff you never know.

OK, stream of consciousness over, Mela signing off and getting back to actual writing, or reading, or eating that piece of chocolate mousse cake from Gregg’s in the fridge, seriously, it’s a thing of beauty.

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