As Seen Through My Specs

So this week I’m at a conference for work on the west coast and I’ve also been hard at work on edits on my first book and writing my second book. It’s been putting a cramp in my reading schedule, you know all the learning and touristing, and writing.

The good news is I have a title for my book, a cover art concept, I just need an artist, if you’re out there and interested drop me a line, no nudity involved, just some photorealistic images.

I also have a pen name and will be setting up an authors page on Facebook soon. I’m looking forward to the holiday break at work, it will give me a chance to do some of the less glamorous stuff that comes along with writing.

I’ll be back to reviews later this week, I need to be able to get in to a book, I’ve started and stopped a couple of different books and read a short story at my lunch break today because I couldn’t get into anything that had more than 4 dots on the Kindle App, it just felt like too much of a time commitment to me.

After a dinner of In-N-Out Burger tonight, whose fries are not good cold, BTW, I’m going back to hopping between edits and writing, I’m clearly in ADD mode.

Recommend something that’s gonna suck me in and knock my socks off gentle readers, because right now even the hype ain’t doing it for this book worm.

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