As Seen Through My Specs

OK, so I’ve got that long list below of books I am going to review, that I’ve read in the last year or so, but I’ve decided, fuck it, I’ll get to those soon enough, but for now I’m going to concentrate on what I’ve been reading more of lately.  Adult contemporary romance with a liberal dash of erotica/erotic romance.  Oh also, since these are books for grown ups I’ll be using some grown up words, so if you’ve got issues with that you probably shouldn’t be tuning in for the next several reviews.

So, for the next several reviews you’ll hear lots about Lauren Dane, Maya Banks, Megan Hart, Kallypso Masters, Cherisse Sinclair, Bella Andre, Sylvia Day, Sylvain Reynard, and, since everyone, their mother and everyone on the PTA has read it, even the gateway drug to quality adult contemporary romance and erotic romance, 50 Shades of Grey.

As I recently tweeted, to Megan Hart:

 I think I’ve earned my “Recommend Megan” badge today for making my 30th recommendation of your books, this time to my manicurist

 I think the image embroidered on that badge is a glass of wine, a kindle and a vibrator, prob not sanctioned by GSUSA

So, get ready for some spicy reviews of some of the spiciest book series available to read on your Kindle with no shame since no one can see the cover.

I’m having some surgery this week, so while I recoup I’ll do some book reviews over the next few days while I recoup.

Also, is anyone out there actually reading this?  Or am I writing reviews to myself?  If it’s the latter, at least it’ll help me remember what I’ve read along the way… since these days it seems my short-to-mid-term memory is for shit.

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